Foundation Feature: Pastor Willie Mae Axel Williams

The Columbus Education Foundation’s Board of Directors is grateful to Pastor Willie Mae Williams for her dedication to our community’s youth through her involvement on the Board and several committees.  She encourages students to have a strong plan for their journey beyond graduation. “I am grateful to be a part of an organization that’s open to benefit all youth to reach their dreams—no matter what path is chosen after graduation. If it’s a college degree or technical school/job training certification, CEF works to provide opportunities for students to heighten their potential,” said Pastor Williams.

She added, “CEF reaches out to EVERY student. It benefits those seeking a four-year college degree, AND it reaches out to those who want to pursue skills in technology, trades, and job training. Not only does advanced training increase income potential, but it also makes our community stronger. It’s great that we have students with a passion to pursue work with their hands such as plumbers, electricians, construction workers, mechanics, welding specialists, chefs, etc.”

Pastor Williams emphasized the importance of parental encouragement, “For parents with children interested in job training, I suggest they help their child discover as much information as possible on different trade schools nearby which align with their child’s passion. With direction from teachers, parents, and family friends, students can open doors that they never knew existed.”

“We all know that youth represent our future. I personally see our youth with fresh wisdom to nurture so they can pursue their dreams. Sometimes a scholarship makes a dramatic difference for CHS grads. That’s why CEF is working with the help of our community to make more scholarships available. Please join us in our efforts.”