CEF Launch Party

Launch Party Raises Funds for College and Trade School Scholarships

The Columbus Education Foundation Launch Party was held on July 22 at Hound Song Brewing Company in Columbus. 

Becca Edmiston, chair and event coordinator, successfully involved a diverse group of community members to plan and execute the fundraiser. Joe Palasota, Hound Song Brewing Co. manager, along with Hound Song Brewing Co. owners, Raven and Travis Kocurek provided stellar care for an outstanding party with a Build-Your-Own Nacho Bar and their famous pretzel rolls in the newly expanded party room.

A live auction with Dr. Thomas Hancher, president of CEF, and Robert Russell, CISD School Board Member, serving as auctioneers featured delectable baked goods raised important funds for future scholarships.   

One special item created some extra hubbub in the auction—an autographed football donated by Spencer Burford, offensive guard of the San Francisco 49ers. Ronny Haynie walked away as the winner of the football with a smile and a photo with Burford, who was a special guest at the event. Burford is the grand-nephew and godchild of Pastor Willie Mae Williams, CEF board member.

Event guests also had the opportunity to try their luck in a bucket raffle to win one of 14 different baskets featuring a variety of items such as a handmade double wedding ring quilt, a record player with vinyl records, an awesome wine basket, and a gorgeous planter filled with thrilling plants dramatically cascading on all sides.

*Photo courtesy of Diane Mueller Photography

Event Donors

  • Bob & Mary Jane Schobel
  • Rachel Benjamin
  • Vlasta Korenek
  • Amy & Robert Russell
  • Rhonda & Phillip Garcia
  • Dorothy Fitzgerald
  • Dr. Thomas Hancher
  • Donna & Andy Schobel
  • Lainey Schobel
  • Sharon Roensch
  • Joyce Sablatura
  • Char & Ronny Haynie
  • Johanna Moekel
  • Amy Venghaus
  • Chef Raoul
  • Mia Post
  • Julie & Scott Leopold
  • JoAnn & Kenny Venghaus
  • Spencer Burford
  • Jackie & Chris Arthur
  • Janet & Delton Hollmann
  • Paula Gerik
  • Columbus Physical Therapy
  • James & Becca Edmiston
  • Columbus Chamber of Commerce
  • Stacy Renner / Take Root
  • Diane Mueller/ Diane Mueller Photography
  • Barbara Truchard
  • Silver Barn
  • Alisha Brummett / Journey Stills Photography
  • Kitchen Thyme
  • Shannan Gerik
  • Rachel Post
  • Pastor Willie Mae Williams
  • BelTavolo Pizzeria
  • Christine Feehery
  • Patsy & Sam Hodge
  • Joe Palasota, Hound Song Brewing Co. manager
  • Raven & Travis Kocurek, Hound Song Brewing Co. owners

Auction Winners

  • Ronny and Char Haynie
  • Jason Sweatt
  • Currie Luedecke
  • Rhonda Garcia
  • Kristina Pfughaupt
  • Columbus Physical Therapy
  • Chris & Jackie Arthur
  • Delbert & Janet  Hollmann
  • Patsy & RC Klieman
  • Carla Wiggs
  • Billy Herchek
  • Jane Luedecke
  • Lyndsay Schobel
  • James & Becca Edmiston
  • Heather & Ryan Thomas
  • Jim and Paulina Kearney
  • Rhonda Huskey
  • Dr. Thomas Hancher
  • Lane Thompson
  • Dcn. Andy Nunmaker
  • Patsy and Sam Hodge
  • Dr. Charles and Lori An Gobert
  • Shirley Barfield
  • Sondra Baker
  • John Gammage
  • Jo Lou Parks
  • Barbara Truchard
  • Stacey Hegar