Foundation Feature: Mrs. Amy Venghaus

One of CEF’s most spirited workers is Mrs. Amy Venghaus, Scholarship Coordinator at Columbus High School. With 14 years of experience helping students acquire scholarships for college or job training upon graduation, her support and expertise are important in leading the Columbus Education Foundation to greater heights.

Mrs. Venghaus’ titles include CHS Instructional Technologist, Senior Sponsor, Yearbook Sponsor, NHS Sponsor, and more. She teaches CHS Yearbook courses and “Principles of Education”, which prepares students to become educators. “Twenty years ago, I was a senior at CHS and didn’t apply for any scholarships”, she said. “Today my passion is to make sure the current seniors aren’t ‘the me’ of 20 years ago, missing some great opportunities. I love having a small part in their lives by helping them plan for their post-secondary schooling. One of my greatest challenges is getting someone to feel they are worthy of receiving scholarships. Too many don’t feel they will be chosen so they choose not to apply.

Mrs. Venghaus has insights for parents to add to their child’s success: “I suggest creating a calendar or folder to keep up with all deadlines and requirements; organization is key. More than anything, I want parents to realize their encouragement builds their child’s confidence to apply. I am excited about CEF’s progress in expanding opportunities last year with eight new scholarships for students enrolling in a technical or trade school. It’s opportunities like this that will positively impact more students each year.”

Securing scholarships can be a step toward gaining greater education, skills, and income, as well as making dreams come true. Thank you, Mrs. Venghaus, for your investment of time, energy, and finances to make CEF’s impact stronger and produce even greater results.